Busan International Finance Center

Busan - Korea(66F)

10m/sec 2units / Total 32units

9m/sec 3units, 8m/sec 8units, E/S 8units


Centro Simon Boliver


8m/sec 2units / Total 17units

7m/sec 5units, 6m/sec 2units

5m/sec 2units, 4m/sec 3units


Park Hyatt Busan Hotel

Busan - Korea(40F)

360m/sec 2units / Total 14units

4m/sec 3units


Song-do G-Tower

Incheon - Korea(35F)

6m/sec 2units / Total 18units

Green Climate Fund is installed


Lerthai Center


6m/sec 4units / Total 10units


Varyap Meridian Hotel


4m/sec 7units / Total 10units


Korea Electronic Power Corporation

Naju - Korea(34F)

5m/sec 6units / Total 23units

4m/sec, E/S 4units


Asan Pentaport

Cheonan - Korea(58F)

4m/sec 3units / Total 38units - E/S 22units



Seoul - Korea(69F)

4m/sec 2units / Total 35units


Cheongna PRUGIO

Incheon - Korea(59F)

4m/sec 17units / Total 18units


Haeundae Exordium

Busan - Korea(58F)

4m/sec 4units / Total 12units



Seoul - Korea(55F)

4m/sec 3units / Total 24units - E/S 30units


Sheraton Hotel / D-CUBE City

Seoul - Korea(50F)

4m/sec 3units (Total 7units) /

3.5m/sec 8units (Total 28units)


Hilton Hotel


4m/sec 8units / Total 30units




4m/sec 4units / Total 5units


Coutry Club Del ESTE


4m/sec 4units / Total 6units


Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower


4m/sec 2units / Total 29units - E/S 27units




4m/sec 5units / Total 5units


Kemang Village


4m/sec 20units / Total 20units


ST. Moritz


4m/sec 13units / Total 20units


Water Edge Tower, Hotel Project at Business Day, UAE

No. of Floors-24
No. of Stops/Openings-24/24
No. of Elevators-5
Capacity-1000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 2.5 mps


Burjside Boulevard Tower - Business Day, Near Dubai Mall

No. of Floors-50
No. of Stops/Openings-48/48
No. of Elevators-1
Capacity-1000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 3.00 mps


La Riviera Tower @ Dubai Marina

No. of Floors-37
No. of Stops/Openings-37/37
No. of Elevators-4
Capacity-1150 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 3.00 mps


Prudential Tower, Jumeirah Village - Dubai

No. of Floors-34
No. of Stops/Openings-34/34
No. of Elevators-5
Capacity-1200 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 4.00 mps


Ajman Emirates City Bldg.Nos.B02, B03 & B04 - Ajman - UAE

No. of Floors-31
No. of Stops/Openings-31/31
No. of Elevators-12
Capacity-1000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 2.50 mps


Al Wadi Tower, Dubai Land City of Arabia - Dubai

No. of Floors-36
No. of Stops/Openings-36/36
No. of Elevators-3
Capacity-1000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 4.00 mps


Emirates Engineering Centre - Dubai

No. of Floors-3
No. of Stops/Openings-3/3
No. of Elevators-8
No. of Escalators-2
No. of Travalators-4
Capacity-3000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 4.00 mps


Raviz Centre Point Hotel - Dubai

No. of Floors-11
No. of Stops/Openings-11/11
No. of Elevators-3
Capacity-750 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 1.5 mps


Asiana Hotel Dubai

No. of Floors-12
No. of Stops/Openings-12/12
No. of Elevators-6
No. of Dumb Weight-2
Capacity-1000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 1.75 mps


Majestic Hotel Dubai

No. of Floors-30
No. of Stops/Openings-30/30
No. of Service Elevators-1
Capacity-1000 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 2.5 mps


Dubai Mall @ Reel Cinema Dubai

No. of Escalators-8


Naif Mall Dubai

No. of Floors-7
No. of Stops/Openings-7/7
No. of Elevators-2
Capacity-600 kgs
Elevator Speed @ 1.0 mps
No. of Escalators-2


Marina Mall @ Reel Cinema Dubai

No. of Escalators-1


B3 Wind-1 Tower @ Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai

No. of Elevators-6
Capacity-1000 kgs
Speed-3.5 mps


B1 Wind-2 Tower @ Jumeirah Lake Tower, Dubai

No. of Elevators-8
Capacity-1150 kgs
Speed-3.5 & 2.0 mps


Fujairah Tower Center, Fujairah

No. of Automobile Car Lift-2
Speed 0.45 mps
No. of Passenger Lift-4
No. of Stops/Openings-20/20
Capacity 750 kgs
Speed 1.75 mps